Tomato varieties to try in 2023

The winter season is the best time to investigate new tomato varieties to try in the garden. Each year our CKD Extension Master Gardener volunteers trial a few new tomato varieties. Here are a few variety recommendations to consider for 2023 based on our tomato trial from last year.

Keep in mind that 2022 was generally a less-than-average year for tomatoes in our area due to hot weather that interfered with fruit set. But despite last year’s weather, our results do offer some suggestions for local gardeners looking for a new variety to try.

2022 Vegetable Trials

Determinate tomato results

Determinate tomatoes are plants that typically stop growing at 2.5-4 feet tall and set their fruit all at once.

In our 2022 tomato trials a newer variety called Red Deuce was rated well, in fact it performed comparably to Celebrity in its overall rating. Our volunteers would like try it again to see if we can achieve the same results in 2023. This would be a variety worth trying for gardeners interested in a new determinate tomato variety. The varieties Resolute and Mountain Gem are also newer varieties that our volunteers think are worth a try in local gardens. Mountain Gem is part of the Mountain Series of tomatoes out of NC State University.

Overall ratings for our Extension Master Gardener 2022 determinate tomato trials

Yield for all of our trial tomatoes was lower than average in 2022 due to weather conditions, but Red Deuce recorded the most yield in our 2022 trial, narrowly edging out Celebrity.

Red Deuce, photo credit: Harris Seeds
Yield ratings for Extension Master Gardener 2022 determinate tomato trials

Florida 91 is another tomato variety that was not in our trial garden but our volunteers noted that Florida 91 did still produce a decent 2022 crop despite the heat and stress.

Indeterminate tomato results

Indeterminate tomatoes are plants that will just keep growing while setting fruit over time. Plants can become very large.

Jet Star continued to be rated the highest in our 2022 indeterminate tomato trials. Jet Star has long been a reliable variety in Kansas. Big Beef and Better Boy Plus were two other indeterminate varieties in our trial that are also good producers.

Overall ratings for Extension Master Gardener 2022 indeterminate tomato trials

Both Big Beef and Better Boy Plus had very similar yield to Jet Star in 2022. Tough Boy Gold and Mountain Rouge seemed to be a little more affected by hot weather/stress although our volunteers would like to try them again in a more typical tomato producing year.

Yield ratings for Extension Master Gardener 2022 indeterminate tomato trials


In summary, based on our 2022 tomato trial results, Red Deuce, Resolute, Mountain Gem, (determinate) and Better Boy Plus (indeterminate) were some of the newer varieties that stood out as good options to try for local gardeners.

Other new varieties to consider

Pink Delicious is a 2022 All-American Selections winner that would be worth trying locally. This is an heirloom-style hybrid beefsteak tomato which was rated as having excellent flavor and a high Brix for a sweeter than normal pink tomato. This variety also has a good set of disease resistance charactaristics.

Another tomato variety that may be of interest to gardeners in 2023 is called Blushingstar. This new indeterminate variety is a hybrid pink beefstake tomato that has been rated highly for great flavor and yield. The large fruits are 2.5 by 4″ and can be used for fresh eating or canning. This variety also is listed as having some resistance/tolerance to late blight and Septoria leaf spot.

More recommended tomato varieties for Kansas

If you are looking for more recommended tomato varieties to try here in Central Kansas, this list is a great starting point.

VarietyVine SizeFruit SizeComments
Garden Tomatoes   
Big BeefIndeterminateLargeHybrid
Carolina GoldDeterminateLargeHybrid, yellow
CelebrityDeterminateMediumHybrid, high yield
Chef’s Choice OrangeIndeterminateVery largeHybrid, good flavor
Dixie RedDeterminateLargeHybrid, good flavor
Florida 91DeterminateLargeHybrid, sets in heat
Jet StarIndeterminateLargeHybrid, high yield, crack resistant
Mountain SeriesDeterminateMed-LargeSeveral varieties, hybrid
Primo RedDeterminateLargeHybrid, large crop early
Scarlet RedDeterminateLargeHybrid
Cherry Tomatoes   
Chocolate CherryIndeterminate1 inchHeirloom, purple/maroon
JulietIndeterminate1.5-2 ozHybrid, AAS Winner
SunSugarIndeterminate½ to ¾ ozHybrid, yellow, very sweet
Supersweet 100Indeterminate.5 to 1 ozHybrid
Sweet MillionIndeterminate1 inch Hybrid 
MargheritaDeterminate8-12 ozHybrid
Martino’s RomaDeterminate 2-4 oz Heirloom
Plum DandyIndeterminate 6 oz Hybrid
Super Italian PasteIndeterminate 5-6 oz Heirloom
Amana OrangeIndeterminateLargeOrange fruit
Black KrimIndeterminateLargePartly black interior
Cherokee PurpleIndeterminateLarge 
Green ZebraIndeterminateMediumStriped fruit
Mortgage LifterIndeterminateLarge 

Heirloom: A variety that is open-pollinated and more than 40 or 50 years old. Seeds will come true to type.
Hybrid: A variety that was developed by crossing two parents and planting the resulting seed. Saved seeds will not come true.
Indeterminate: A plant that will just keep growing while setting fruit over time. Plants can become very large.
Determinate: A plant that typically stops growing at 2.5-4 feet tall and sets fruit all at once.