Spring flowers in the native garden

Many Central Kansas gardeners are learning about the benefits of native plants and are interested in using these wonderful biodiversity builders in their own landscapes and gardens.

Our Kansas native plants not only provide great beauty for us gardeners, but they interact in many ways with the ecosystem around them. Native plants provide pollen and nectar for pollinators, grow insects (especially caterpillars) that support the food chain and our beloved songbirds, and build soil with their resilient and deep root systems.

Of course there are always challenges that can come with growing native plants as well. Some natives tend to re-seed and spread themselves, especially when under care. Many native plants can also get leggy and flop in our gardens where they may not have as much competition or stress to hold them back.

Despite any challenges, the rewards of using native plants in your garden are well worth the effort. The biodiversity (life) you’ll find in a garden filled with native plants is fascinating in and of itself. These plants increase the carrying capacity of even a small backyard immensely by providing the food and shelter for many other species.

Here are just a few photos of several native plants in the Salina area that have recently finished blooming or will be finished soon. Next we’ll be watching for the early summer flowers that will be coming soon.

Spring blooms!

Golden currant, a spring blooming native shrub