What vegetable varieties are recommended?

The publication Recommended Vegetable Varieties is a great place to start when looking for vegetable varieties that do well in Central Kansas. Of course, it is also a good idea to talk with other gardeners you know to see if they have recommendations as well.

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Tomatoes are such a popular vegetable that we trial a few new varieties as part of our Master Gardener program each season. Here are some recent results from the KSU Horticulture Newsletter:

Tomato Trials 2019

The results below are from 4 different locations in Kansas as well as the Missouri location near St. Jo.  Our most western location was near Hays.  We list the top 10 slicers by yield (lbs) and by average fruit size (oz).

Variety    Lbs/Plant

Summerpick    11.47

Jet Star    10.98

Ultrasonic    9.76

Mt. Gem    9.56

Beef Master    9.35

Damsel    8.54

Resolute    8.45

Mt. Merit    7.66

Caiman    6.97

Pink-A-Licious    5.93

Variety    Oz/Fruit

Beef Master    10.32

Mt. Gem    7.21

Summerpick    7.11

Resolute    6.78

Damsel    6.03

Jet Star    5.91

Mt. Merit    5.79

Ultrasonic    5.70

Pink-A-Licious    5.33

Caiman    5.31

If you want large tomato with good yield, then BeefMaster should be considered.  However, fruits can be fluted.  If total yield is important, Summerpick and Jet Star were the best performers.  Of these two, Summerpick had a bit better yield as well as larger fruit.      We would suggest you continue to grow varieties that have done well for you in the past but consider including one or more of these on a trial basis.