Whimsical Garden of Eden

Thanks to our sponsor for this garden: Friends of the River Foundation

Owners: Lois and Dale Christensen

Address: 2317 Belmont Boulevard

Plan to shop! Vendors at this garden include:

  • Findings by Deon
  • 2nd Chance Designs

Parking Note: Park on Montclair and Mayfair, NOT on Belmont or across the street. Parking is also available at Redeemer Lutheran Church at the corner of Kensington and Magnolia if you are able to walk about 2 blocks.


  • Upcycling gardening
  • Repurposed objects
  • Yard art
  • Bermuda grass

Favorite plants:

Favorite plants include the ones that weren’t planted by humans. As soil gets turned over, I have enjoyed mullein, edible purslane, asters, common yellow oxalis, and native buffalo grass. Planted items include celosia plumosa, threadleaf coreopsis, lantana, catmint, ninebark, gold leaf tansy, hostas, and goldflame honeysuckle.

Don’t miss…

View: I arrange my gardens so that they can be viewed from several different views. Example: street view, patio, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom windows, sidewalk view, seating areas, etc. 

I also take ordinary household items and repurpose them to be garden items.  Throughout 25 years friends and family have given me objects for my gardens. When I am working or enjoying my yard/garden I regularly recall the memories of the people and the moment I received them items.  I will find a place for everything!

How I want others to describe our garden:

A sanctuary of shades of green interplanted with the ever-changing kaleidoscope of random colors


The yard and garden needed huge organic soil improvement. Underground there were also a lot of tree and bush roots from landscaping that had been removed. Old landscaping fabric/plastic, from the previous owner’s gardens that was under the topsoil.  I couldn’t dig a hole without hitting something.

Gardening Tip:

Research “look alike” plants.  A gardener may want a particular plant only to discover that it is not suited for this area of Kansas.  I like the look of ferns.  However, I don’t have enough shade.  So, I switched over to gold leaf tansy, “New Vintage Red” Yarrow, and Tutti Frutti “Apricot Delight” Yarrow. 

Educational Handout: