The Gardener’s Dream

Thank you to our Garden Sponsors: Paradise Ponds, BE Wealth

Owners: Dave and Cheryl Higgins

Address: 1975 North Halstead Road

Plan to shop! Vendors at this garden:

  • The Wild Pencil by Bonnie Neubrand
  • Don & Sue Creations

Exhibitors: Dyck Arboretum, Smoky Hills Audubon Society

Location and Highlights

  • Water features, including pond with train
  • Native plants and pollinators
  • Vegetable garden with raised beds
  • Monarch Waystation
  • Smoky Hills Audubon Society Official Backyard Songbird Habitat

Plants to look for:

  • American Beautyberry
  • Wisteria
  • Mimosa Tree
  • Purple-lobed Locust Trees
  • Allium
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Storm Cloud Amsonia
  • Button Bush
  • Coneflowers

Favorite plants:

  • English Walnut (Carpathian)
  • Chaste tree
  • Fringe tree
  • Walking Stick tree
  • Temple of Bloom and Seven Sons tree
  • large Magnolia tree
  • Indigo bush

Don’t miss…

  • Plants behind the pond – Chaste tree, Fringe tree, Chestnut tree, Yellow-wood tree, Iris and Daylilies
  • Garden bed at the end of the driveway, next to the road
  • Native pollinator gardens
  • Vegetable gardens

How we want others to describe our garden:

  • Interesting in all seasons!
  • It makes me happy… I want to stay here.
  • Relaxing ecosystem (love the activity of bees, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, birds, and the sound of the waterfall)


Clay soil, slopes, zero shade

Gardening Tip:

If it doesn’t grow the first time, try again. If it doesn’t grow the second time, try something else.

Educational Material: